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FREE Tennis Lesson Video: Tennis Pointers Video series – How to add topspin to your shot.

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In this free video tennis lesson video Kristy talks about how to improve your groundstroke by adding topspin. It covers some key tips such as starting below the ball, and making a wall behind the ball.

Tennis Pointers

What makes tennis fun?

Rallying makes tennis fun. So how do you rally? Rallying is any form of a ball going back and forth between. It can be a hitting rally, bumping rally or rolling rally depending on skill level. In this video we demonstrated how to have a “self rally” bumping the ball upwards by yourself and a two person rally, bumping the ball and taking turns bumping it up. Both of these activities do not require a net! In the end it is about control so that the rally can keep going. As long as you practice that you can practice tennis anywhere.