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Playing Tennis in Cold Weather

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tennis outdoors

It’s been a super fun experience offering tennis lessons in the park this year. We’re thrilled to have tennis players participating in our programs from all ages and skill levels. Our coaches are extremely impressed and joyful by the improvements they’ve seen in their students’ game.

Playing tennis outdoors in any season is truly exciting but with the Autumn season now here we get an extra treat. During the Fall, not only are we engulfed by the beauty of the changing colors in nature but we also have to pay attention to how the cold temperatures influence our tennis game.

The trick to playing tennis in colder weather is knowing how it will affect our body and gear. When we know what to expect on the tennis court, we can properly prepare so we still have fun and not get discouraged.

As many players already know, the cold temperatures can greatly impact our tennis equipment. Once colder weather hits the court, tennis balls become less bouncy and our racket strings become more rigid. Since we can’t control the equipment factors, we’ll need to slightly change our playing strategy to make up for the lost momentum. A recommended game plan in colder weather is to bring the racket back early for each shot and also to stay forward so to attack the net.

Comfort is key when playing tennis outdoors. Players shouldn’t over heat or get too chilly during practice, so wearing layers is highly recommended. Adjustments can then be made to the outer wear so discomfort isn’t a distraction. There’s also nothing wrong with wearing thin gloves or a winter cap while playing. To also stay comfortable, taking more breaks during your practice to stop and stretch can do wonders for your body. Finding a sunny spot to rest can brighten up your mood as well.

Now’s a good time of year to take it slow and focus more on technique and less about results. The added challenges that the colder weather brings to ones game are difficult enough. It’s important to practice mental fitness so we stay positive and motivated on the tennis court.