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Sports training, Muscle Memory and Performance

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Sports Training

Muscle memory is the key to performance!

Research suggests that general beginners and occasional players do not have consistency and accuracy during rallies because they have not developed muscle memory.

To develop muscle memory, the students’ muscles should do the same movement and swing again and again over time. When muscle memory is built, students will swing and move towards the ball without thinking. As a consequence, both accuracy and consistency are improved!

However, muscle memory building takes time and repetition. Noticeable improvement will vary with each player, their athletic ability and level of concentration. The key is concentration and focus. The more a student practices and applies the techniques, the faster the learning.

The exciting new Bumblebee tennis curriculum is based on sports training psychology studies on muscle memory. It is created to help students build a strong muscle memory foundation that will allow them to do rallies with more confident, precise consistent shots. The drills and exercises are designed to teach the proper stance, footwork, body rotation and swings to develop the right muscle memory towards performance.