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Join me in a NYC Tennis Movement

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Dear Tennis Parents and Players,
NYC Tennis

The Mission & Goals of BumbleBee Tennis

I’m on a mission this outdoor season, to create the best tennis school in New York City and I need your help to do this.  Will you help me?

What do I mean by the best tennis school in the city?  I want to create a tennis school that makes tennis easily accessible through:

  • convenient locations,
  • reasonably priced programs,
  • conveniently scheduled to fit your busy schedule
  • Awesome customer service
  • integrated program of classes and competition that makes it easy to enjoy the game on many levels (socially, improvement focused, exercise focused, competition)!

This is not an easy feat, which you might already know if you are a tennis player who has researched the tennis options in the city.  I myself don’t play as much tennis as I wish I could for a myriad of reasons that you could probably relate to such as hard to find tennis partners, long lines for courts, permit confusion, and well as a busy schedule.

In Search of Tennis Courts

I started BumbleBee Tennis with these bright ideas and goals brimming.  I created a website, taught classes, answered the phone (sometimes while I was teaching), responded to emails and continued to look for new locations.  The adventure of this little startup is another story for another post.  As years went by (it’s been more than 3 years now!) we got smarter and our services kept improving (but we are still trying to improve even more!) such as with our automated voice message system for rain cancellations.  But one problem remained elusive to solve, the reality that tennis courts in the city are very hard to come by.  Hmm…I would sit and think, on the subway, walking to the John Jay courts, at the gym, in the kitchen, for an answer to the court situation.

I was beginning to feel pessimistic that I could find an answer…drum roll please…but the good news is we have found not one but two solutions!

  1. First as you might have heard, we won the lease to teach at McCarren Park, Riverside Park and Astoria Park!  This is big news for our small school, but we have honed our management chops and believe we will be able to expand and continue to improve our tennis services to you.  So help us create tennis programs that fit what you are looking for by talking to me on twitter, facebook and commenting.  Please help by responding with your input, thoughts, suggestions, and spreading the word.  I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Second is Quickstart tennis.  Quickstart tennis is about getting people to the most fun part of tennis quickly, which is rallying.  Tennis drills are great, but tennis ralleying is even better!  The exciting thing about Quickstart tennis is that you do not need a official surfaced tennis court.  Most hard surfaces will do, along with a pop up net.  Sure it’s great to do on an official paved tennis court, and we do offer that, but at the same time it is not neccessary.  Implementing Quickstart Tennis correctly means more tennis in more places and more affordability for New Yorkers.

I’m so excited because with being in 3 boroughs, I feel like BumbleBee Tennis is finally able to reach it’s goals!  And with the development of our own Quickstart Tennis program, we can offer even more locations and instant tennis playing enjoyment.

Adding Adult Competition

We are looking into adding adult tournaments, parties and round robins on friday nights and weekends.  What do you think about this?

Focusing on the QuickStart Instructional Youth Tennis League

There are a lot of things I would love to accomplish, such as a tennis match up service, but with being a small organization, and well with just 24 hours in a day, I have my heart set on one main goal for the next 4 months; an integrated Quickstart youth tennis league for kids.  This is big.  This is going to take a lot of time, thinking and trial and error.  I could probably sit on the subway from Jamaica, Queens to Coney Island back and forth a couple times everyday and still barely have an idea the best way of implementation.

So far I’ll tell you what I’ve done. I’ve passionately spent late nights reading through many of the Quickstart related tennis sites such as:,, and others.  Quickstart is really exciting for tennis, but it does have to be done correctly.  I’ll be posting another post about the exciting reasons Quickstart is a great innovative benefit turn for youth tennis.

Adults don’t worry. I’m thinking about you too!  When the league is on version 2.0, we can start developing Quickstart programs and other competitions for you all.

My Plan to Get this Youth Tennis League Off of the Ground

I am completely dedicating myself; all my time, thoughts and energy to getting this league off the ground.  I wake up everyday with my thoughts speeding around looking for answers.  Besides when I was at the courts, I’ve spent the last few weekends almost in entirety, except for washing dishes and showering of course, brainstorming, drawing, reading all about this league.

This is what I have planned so far as of May 11, 2010.

May & June: We will have Quickstart tennis practices for kids 10 and under at our John Jay college/ Columbus Circle location on the West Side Sunday afternoons.  It’s going to be about $99 for 5 sessions!  If you are interested in having your child join that, contact the office at 347-684-6061.  Dates are May 16, 23, 30 (TBD), June 6, and 13.  These will be practice sessions focused on ralleying with a partner exercises and games, with a 6:1 student ratio.  I know it will be awesome, but I will put it out there that this is the beta launch of the exciting Quickstart youth tennis league.

Also FREE tennis carnivals with FREE tennis instruction, games and activities being held on weekend afternoons at various locations including Greenwhich Village area at PS 41 on 6th Ave. and 11th st., Peter’s field in the Gramercy/Stuyvesant Town area on 20th St. and 2nd Ave., and maybe another place if we can find one :).  Any other location ideas?

At the FREE tennis carnivals, we’ll even have free skill level assessments if you would like to sign up your child for the summer or fall league.  Sign up HERE.

July & August: I would like to offer the first fuller version of the instructional youth tennis league via weekly practice sessions with a few practice matches.  This might be hard because it’s the summer, so let me know what you think.

September: First launch of the QuickStart Youth Instructional League 1.0.  Weekly practice and match sessions.

Let’s get started!

I will pull out of my little shell of just thinking in my head, and openly share with you my thoughts, revelations, and developments so we can go on this adventure together.  I’m excited.  Are you?  Help me make tennis more accessible.  Follow me on Twitter (KristyOshita), Facebook & the BumbleBee Tennis Facebook page.  More updates to come!


Kristy Oshita

BumbleBee Tennis Founder/Director