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Get a Great Workout Playing Tennis

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Playing Tennis

I may never make it to Wimbledon, but that doesn’t stop me and my playing tennis partners from pursuing the sport as a way to keep fit. Bumblebee Tennis offers a great workout program around the sport called Cardio Tennis, designed to do just that. Cardio Tennis can be utilized as a fitness or cross-training activity and helps build endurance, strengthen muscles and improves agility. Cardio Tennis alternates constant stroke patterns with cardiovascular training moves such as foot shuffles, court to midcourt runs, lateral, forward and backward sprints, and an exercise that requires players to hop over and back the court boundary lines.

Beginner players may need more instruction before jumping into Cardio Tennis. We offer an Intro to Tennis class that will provide an overview of the serve, volley, forehand and backhand. In general, Intro to Tennis lessons are great for those who first want to work on their technique before performing tennis drills as well as those who want a review of the basics.

We are offering adult indoor tennis classes this winter for Cardio and Intro to Tennis Programs. Classes in Brooklyn begin in January while Manhattan classes are still being created and soon to follow.

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