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FREE Tennis Pointers Video Lesson: How to Rapidly Improve After Being off the Court for A While

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In this free tennis lesson pointers video I talk about a big issue many of us face because of everyday busy schedules; the problem of becoming rusty from not playing for long periods of time.  For some of us a long a long period could mean two weeks, while for others it could mean one year, or even a decade.  From my experience teaching tennis, most tennis players still have the basic techniques stored within their muscles, but the issue is consistency in getting back into the groove.  I am very familiar with this rusty issue because often due to the hectic schedule of managing a tennis school I won’t be able to play for months at a time.

The trick here is awareness in your hand fingertips and really whole body.  The idea is that you are tapping into skills and technique that your muscles are familiar with ( because of muscle memory).  Many coaches have probably told you at one time or another, “Feel the ball on your racket.”  This is basically an extension of that idea.  You can only feel the ball on the racket by feeling the racket in your hands, and feeling the movement of your body as you hit into the ball.

Give this simple technique a try and yourself hitting more on target!