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Free Tennis Lesson: How to volley and clear the net

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Volleys can be one of the most difficult shots, because it is a touch shot, with little to no swing.  The best way to volley is to just block the ball with a good racquet position.  In addition you also must make sure you have the correct footing and body position (which would generally be being sideways by stepping over with your opposite foot at a diagonal), bending your knees, and contacting the ball with a good racket position.

Especially because the accuracy of the volley relies on the split second that the ball bounces on and off the racqet, an accurate racquet position is so important. In this tennis lesson video, as part of the tennis pointers video series, I talk about how to angle, your racket so it consistently clears the net and remains controlled.  I hope that it helps your volley game.  See on the court soon!

What makes tennis fun?

Rallying makes tennis fun. So how do you rally? Rallying is any form of a ball going back and forth between. It can be a hitting rally, bumping rally or rolling rally depending on skill level. In this video we demonstrated how to have a “self rally” bumping the ball upwards by yourself and a two person rally, bumping the ball and taking turns bumping it up. Both of these activities do not require a net! In the end it is about control so that the rally can keep going. As long as you practice that you can practice tennis anywhere.