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Why Choose BumbleBee Tennis… Free Tennis or Not

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It seems like only yesterday when 2010 started, but now it’s coming to a close! As Winter just started, everyday brings us closer to Spring and Summer! Great seasons to play tennis outdoors! With that said, I’m sure that as they come closer, many will celebrate them and welcome them with free programs and offerings. Yes! Tennis lessons included!

We’re one of those people who celebrate and welcome the opening (or closing) of a season with a bang! And yes, a lot of the times, we offer free tennis lessons too!

But, why would you want to enroll your child to our tennis programs, paid or free? Here’s why…

  • Low student-instructor ratio.
  • Structured, proprietary BumbleBee Tennis teaching methodprogression
  • Instruction method is consistent whether you paid for the lesson or not
  • Hands on feedback from a highly qualified tennis instructor
  • Premiere youth programs for kids who really want to learn tennis
  • Very much affordable if not the most affordable high-quality-tennis-programs in NYC!
  • Clear and easy registration procedure
  • Great customer service

BumbleBee Tennis invests a great deal of effort making sure you and/or your child gets the BEST tennis instruction possible whether you are enrolled in our free tennis events or in one of our weekly classes. We will not claim that we are the “perfect” tennis school, who doesn’t commit any mistakes (is there such a thing?), but what we can claim (and are proud of it) is that we STRIVE to do better every single day and prevent errors/issues before they even start as much as we possibly can! This is why, we appreciate any feedback we get from anyone about anything that we do. We want to work on a solution immediately if an issue arises and we believe this makes us a better tennis school, a choice tennis school for you and your kids.

I’m pretty sure that as the outdoor seasons come closer, you will start investing time and money to give yourself or your kids the best tennis lesson you can. While there would be a lot of free tennis offerings during these times (including ours), we know that you just don’t want to waste yours and your child’s time and other precious resources. That is why BumbleBee Tennis is committed to making sure you get the best possible tennis lesson, free or not. We are VERY serious about what we do so we welcome you to provide us feedback by calling us or filling out our Feedback Form and let us know your thoughts. Help us serve you better!